Canned Food


The newer cans go behind the older ones.

The labels should always face out. And stack, stack, stack items whenever possible.  


I enjoy organizing things. Cleaning out a closet, putting away the groceries, those tasks feel really good.

For me, editing is organization. You have some great things to say—insightful, thought provoking, witty—and they're all there on the page. Now you're ready for me. 

Thorough developmental editing is my specialty. I focus on structure, content, flow, clarity, fact checking if something seems awry, and copyediting.

My translating projects are about organizing the pantry too. If those labels are in scholarly or technical French, German, or Spanish, I've got you covered.

What's more, as a grants management and development expert, my writing and editing can help you or your organization stock the pantry. 

Canned Veggies

Services Offered


Developmental editing: structure, content, flow, clarity, fact checking.

Copyediting: simple revisions, grammar, punctuation, syntax.

Proofreading: typographical errors, house style.

Canned Beans


Grant and budget writing, from tens to hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Development and fundraising communications materials.


Canned Food


Translating scholarly and technical texts from German, French, and Spanish to English, refinements of translations into English.

Vanessa is a phenomenal editor. She brought order and stylistic rigor to a complex and fast-moving project, and she did so quickly and mindfully. She also integrated her work with our processes, helping us charge ahead to meet an ambitious deadline. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. 

Robert Alford

Associate, SteegeThomson Communications

SUNY Press


Cover of Technical Arts in the Han Histories book

We were fortunate enough to have the invaluable editorial assist from Vanessa Davies . . . whose steady intelligence, good cheer, and superb sense of the English language relieved the editors of considerable stress and gave us a ‘good read’ on how best to convey some technical points to non-specialists.

About Me

The ancient Egyptians loved making order (maat) out of chaos. I can totally relate. I even wrote a book about it!


Now my work brings me on adventures both in the Nile Valley and far beyond. From Chinese history to genetic science, my editing and translating set things in right order.


I have worked on grants from large foundations, public and private, and for small neighborhood nonprofits. I am as comfortable writing proposals for the NSF as for the NCAA.

(Of course, I can talk about Egypt too, anytime.)

Member, Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Want to see an example of my own writing? Check out my article on African American author Pauline Hopkins who used her novel to set the record straight about African history.

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